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The finest sweet - `born` on Hokkaido farms and `raised` by our chefs in Sapporo. Shiawase Catalana!


Fresh eggs produced from hygenic and well-built poultry farms in Hokkaido.

Fresh eggs are the essential base for great tasting Catalana.
The healthy hens that lay these eggs are raised at a poultry farm in Chitose, Hokkaido.
At this farm, it is their philosophy that healthy birds lay tasty eggs, so first they improve the water given to the hens.
By improving the water, it is said that the birds' absorption of minerals and vitamins increases.
Next, the poultry feed was improved.
Fish powder, which is used in most fodder, was discarded and the hens are raised solely on vegetable protein fodder. This ensures that the eggs smell fresh.
The poultry spend the days in a sunny, naturally airy, clean and stress-free environment.
We asked to see the poultry farm and upon seeing the healthy environment in which the poultry are raised, decided to use the eggs from this poultry farm.
Yolks from the brown eggs laid by pure Japanese Momiji poultry are large and richer than ordinary eggs.

Producer Soichi Hori says:
"We work hard to produce reliable safe products for our consumers. We continue to strive so that Hokkaido's poultry farmers can boast to the world of their safe and delicious eggs.
In a rich and natural environment near the Bibi River, we practice open, indoor farming with 2 birds per cage. We started out with 2,000 birds when we established in 1963 as a pioneer farm, and presently raise approximately 100,000 birds. We hold regular sanitation inspections and monitor the level of cleanliness.


Circle Farm Ltd. Co. Soichi Hori CEO


Fresh milk is produced by free-grazing cows raised on the rich soil and grass of our spacious farm.

Milk, the key element of Shiawase Catalana
Shinmura Farm in Tokachi, Hokkaido is home to the cows that produce this milk.
Delicious milk making begins with ensuring good soil for the pasture. In order to raise healthy cows, good grass is essential, and in order to grow good grass, rich soil is necessary.
When healthy, delicious grass grows, cows are enthusiastic about grazing. On pastures that seems to go on for ever, the cows are raised and allowed to graze freely.
Milk with a rich flavor and light after taste is produced from cows without stress.
Cows raised on the Tokachi Shinmura Farm live in a comfortable environment, rich with good soil and delicious grass. Contented cows in Hokkaido help create the delicious flavor of our Shiawase Catalana.
At milking time, the cows make a long and lazy line as they cut across the pasture to the barn. When you taste our Shiawase Catalana keep this calm image in mind.

The firm philosophy of President Hirotaka Shinmura, is underscores everything we do.
"Milk, the nucleus of agriculture, nourishes all mammals, and is thus a source of life. Milk is processed into many food items and enriches our tables, nurturing life into the next generation. I take pride in dairy farming, which brings life through good food, and I firmly believe in its future".
We want to continue to produce dairy products that are safe for everyone, to ensure a healthy life will be passed on to the future.
With unchanging hopes we continue today and tomorrow to create good soil and raise contented cows.


Tokachi Shinmura Farm Ltd., Co. Hirotaka Shinmura


Madagascan Premium Natural Vanilla Beans

The life essence of sweets, vanilla. In order to bring "happiness", we did not stop until we found the perfect vanilla which is the Madagascan premium natural vanilla bean. It has a softness only the finest quality, natural ingredient can possess. Savor the rich aroma as soon as you take one bite.