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The finest sweet - `born` on Hokkaido farms and `raised` by our chefs in Sapporo. Shiawase Catalana!

What is Shiawase Catalana?

What is Shiawase Catalana?

Shiawase Catalana is a creamy, frozen dessert, best served cold. The rich, yet light after-taste of the flavorful custard is topped with caramelized sugar. With each bite you first get a taste of the creamy custard, then the bittersweet taste ofs caramel mingling together for great texture and delicious taste. Truly a decadent confection! The custard is made with egg yolks from Hokkaido produced eggs and fresh milk and cream from free grazing cows raised in Hokkaido. The caramel sauce is made with two different types of granulated sugar with different melting points. Madagascan premium natural vanilla beans are the final ingredient and each dessert is lovingly made by hand. There are no preservatives or additives.

"Shiawase" means "Happiness" in Japanese.

Shiawase Catalana was first created at a Sapporo restaurant called Three Peaces. Its dishes are all made based on a concept of a desire to bring customers happiness. A customer who ate the Catalana here for dessert loved it so much and exclaimed " I would like to take it home", "I want to share this taste with my friends", and so the story of happiness began. We decided that within our small restaurant we would like to expand the "happiness" we were bringing our customers just a little bit more, and began to sell Shiawase Catalana increasingly as a product. At first it was made for take home from the restaurant. Then for the citizens of Sapporo, who are connoisseurs of sweets. And eventually, even though we do not have a permanent sweets shop, the fame of Shiawase Catalana spread by word of mouth. Now, we have customers who enjoy our Shiawase Catalana in Tokyo and restaurants and shops abroad.
Who will you eat your Shiawase Catalana with?
What sort of conversation and memories will be born?

We hope that this small sweet, made with our loving care, will bring warm happiness to the lives of those who taste it.